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Dress Code

Because academics are our primary concern, we want to make sure that students are able to focus on school and are not distracted by what they are wearing.

The GCA Dress Code consists of the following regulations:

  • A student must have a GCA uniform on at all times.
    • Boys uniforms:  Black, Khaki or Navy Pants and shorts;  Red, White, Purple, Gold Polo shirts with School Logo.
    • Girls Uniforms:  Black, Khaki, or Navy Skirts, Pants, Skorts, Jumpers and Shorts;  Red, Purple, Gold, White Polo shirts with Logo
  • Belts must be worn by all students 4th – 12th grades. They are optional for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
  • All GCA shirts must be tucked in and have school logo.
  • Boys must have a clean cut hair that is not in their face.
  • All uniforms must be an appropriate size and fit. No sagging pants are allowed.
  • Students need to wear comfortable closed shoes, preferable sneakers or tennis shoes.
  • Skirts and shorts must be worn no more than two inches above the knee.
  • Girls may wear modest nail polish and modest jewelry.
  • Middle and High School girls may wear modest make-up.
  • Boys may not wear any jewelry other than a watch.
  • GCA reserves the right to change or modify the dress code during the year.